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Brühl - an important regional city between Cologne and Bonn in the Rhine-Erft-Kreis - known for its numerous World Cultural Heritage places such as the castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust, the Wasserschloss Schallenburg, the Villeseenlandschaft in the Kottenforst – most famous tourist destination in the Rheinland Freizeitpark Phantasialand

Temporary living in Brühl in the Rhine-Erft-Kreis

Temporary accommodation for 3 months of furnished rooms, flats or houses in all price categories. Our service is free for tenants. Please take a look at our offer at the following link:

Service offer for landlords - We guarantee a qualified handling of all rental activities

•    flats, rooms, houses in Brühl and surrounding (Hürth, Leverkusen, Bergisch Gladbach, Köln, Frechen) - furnished, rental period from 3 months
•    residential tenant walk-through, object handover, key management
•    comparison of rental price and market price
•    marketing of the offers (writing an exposé, high-quality photos, presentation of the offers via advertisements in various internet portals (eg Immobilienscout24), individually scheduled visits (in coordination with the current tenants)
•    creation of the lease

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